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Talking Yak is an Android-based English teaching system made specifically for native Hindi and Tamil speakers.

Our program includes over 400 intelligently-structured videos, thousands of exercises, over 10,000 vocabulary words and phrases, and a system that adapts itself to each learner. In a matter of months, we can elevate most learners to a 100% functional English capability.

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Key Features

Talking Yak’s content and adaptive technology are interwoven to rapidly teach and reinforce the concepts and knowledge that learners require to successfully function in a 100% English speaking environment.

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The Talking Yak curriculum includes five foundational pieces, holistically integrated into a proven, efficient program.
Together, they increase reading speed and comprehension, reinforce perfect and extensible grammar, and generate ease, spontaneity and clear pronunciation in conversational

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  • Grammar

    Our scaffolded & patterned approach teaches learners to express themselves with grammatical perfection across all major tenses.

  • Conversations

    Over 1,000 essential conversational phrases to teach learners to interact with ease and fluency in a wide array of social situations.

  • Phonics

    Our sound-based approach teaches students to decipher words without memorisation, increasing reading speed and comprehension.

  • Vocabulary

    With access to over 10,000 words and a local keyboard, the learner can be prepared for general and specialised situations.

  • Speech

    Harnessing the industry’s leading speech engine, our proprietary solution allows unlimited practice to improve pronunciation.

Organisational Benefits

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The Talking Yak program is currently being utilised by schools, colleges, universities and NGOs across India. If you’re interested in bringing Talking Yak to your organisation, please contact us.

  • Use Cases

    Talking Yak is currently being utilised for job skilling, career placement, teacher training, and rapid levelling of local-language students.

  • Detailed Reports

    Our reports includes virtual attendance, cohort performance and highly detailed strengths and weaknesses analysis for each student.

  • Customisable curriculum

    Our curriculum can be customised by breadth and intensity, allowing organisations to pre-set the timeline and equip the student for what they need most.

  • Teacher Support

    Paired with each organisation is a dedicated Talking Yak teacher to advise, facilitate and ensure program success.

  • Ease of Implementation

    Our comprehensive feedback system minimises existing teacher/professor workload, yet keeps them informed of each student’s progress.

  • Certificates

    Completing the Talking Yak curriculum is an accomplishment! We recognise these heroes with Student or Teacher Certificates of Mastery.

What People Say

As the Head of the Placement Division of Kovai Kalaimagal Educational Institutions, I can confidently say that Talking Yak is an extremely useful tool for students. The videos are down to earth, effective and very professionally made. The tests are carefully designed to create interest. I especially appreciate the phonics sections. The students have expressed their happiness in using this app. This tool is also extremely helpful in boosting their confidence level, especially for interviews. It is a timely tool for English communication training.

- Dr. Krishnamurthy, Professor and Head of Placement Division, Kovai Kalaimagal Educational Institutions


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If your organisation is interested in partnering with Talking Yak, fill out all relevant information here and we will reach out to you.

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Currently, Talking Yak is not available for individual learners. If you are interested in our English solution, do fill out your details and we will remember you on priority when we launch our program for individuals.

Join us in changing the way English is taught in India and help make learning it accessible to millions.
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